Taste the freshness in packaged food while Fulfill your everyday packing needs with NX storing & reheating with NX Pack multipurpose Pack multipurpose, eco friendly, recyclable thin PP reusable containers. wall containers of various shapes and sizes.


All cuisines take away containers: Restaurant, Hotels, Catering & Hospitality sector.
Dairy Industry: Yogurt, Shrikhand, Butter, Cheese, Margarine, Spreads, etc.
Sweets: Various sweet delicacies, Indian Mithai, Sweet marts, etc.
Confectionery Industry: Candies, Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolates, etc.
Frozen foods: Hummus, Desserts, Meats, Ice creams, etc.
Industrial Packaging : Dishwasher detergent, small spare parts, washers, nut bolts, etc.
Pharma Sector : Tablets & Cosmetic products.
Food Industry : Noodles, Spices, Dry fruits, Dates, Jaggery, Indian Namkeen bites, Salads and ready to serve foods.